The Cafe of Mistaken Orders
"Orange Day SENGAWA" is a café that opens once a month in Sengawa, Tokyo, also known as the Café of Mistaken Orders. We launched the Orange Day SENGAWA with families that have loved ones suffering from dementia to give dementia patients opportunities to play an active role in society and to help the local community embrace dementia. The café is run by volunteers who strive to create a community where you can thrive in despite dementia and those that are trying to gain better understanding of dementia.

Orange Day SENGAWA Administrative Committee

Collaboration with: Chofu Yuai Welfare Corporation, Comprehensive Support Center Tsustujigaoka, Chofu City Social Welfare Council
Location, Next Open Date and Time
Orange Day Sengawa is open once a month.
[ Next Open Date and Time ]
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
12:00〜14:30(Last order 14:00)

[ Venue ]
Sengawa Ukuraima Restaurant
Tokyo, Chofu, Sengawacho, 1 Chome-9-59 K&K North 
Please be patient with our servers if they make mistakes.
Remember, they are doing their best and trying to be part of the community!
For Patrons Visiting Orange Day SENGAWA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
1. We mainly use light melamine dishes for serving. We also serve hot drinks at lukewarm temperature.
2. Items on the menu are beverages and three types of dessert. Check out our sample menu here.
3. The staff will be supervising at all times but as a preventative measure we have insurance coverage for all staff members, servers, and visiting patrons.
4. We have a resting area as well as a waiting area for family members accompanying the “servers”. We do not provide parking, please find paid parking nearby.
5. Should you wish to take still photographs or film videos, please make sure no staff members, other servers or customers are in the pictures or video.
6. If you would like to film or interview us, please fill out the request form here. We will decline any interview without prior arrangement.
7. If you would like to sign up someone as a “server,” please fill out the request form.
8. The local community effort to launch Orange Day SENGAWA was made possible by subsidy from Sawayaka Welfare Foundation Corporation. The Orange Day SENGAWA is run solely by volunteers and is a non-profit organization. We are supported by a strong community of locals and family members that believe in the cause.
Donate to Orange Day SENGAWA
Orange Day SENGAWA is made possible by support from the local community and those that believe in the cause.
Seeking sponsors
To continue running Orange Day SENGAWA, we are looking for sponsors. Orange Day SENGAWA is a community effort subsidized by Sawayaka Welfare Foundation Corporation. The Orange Day SENGAWA is run solely by volunteers and is a non-profit organization. Orange Day SENGAWA is NOT support or funded by the city of Chofu.

Would you like to become a server ?

If you suffer from dementia and would like to join Orange Day SENGAWA as a server, please fill out the contact form. (The form could be filled out on behalf of the individual by a family member or a caretaker).


We are currently not accepting volunteers.
Japanese only 
For interview requests
We may not have time to talk if you come to the cafe willing to talk to staff, as our priority is to keep safety of staff with Dementia.Please send us through inquiry form below and wait for our reply.We appreciate your understanding and support to our activity.
Japanese only 
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